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We’re looking to offer exceptional service, steadfast dedication, and effective solutions that help to offer the people who depend on advanced telecommunications technologies with a more reliable solution. The telecom industry needs dedicated employees willing to go above and beyond. Our people are our best asset. Apply today to be a part of a team offering exceptional service for our valued clients.


A Tower Technician assists in building and/or servicing each tower job as defined by the client s scope of work and construction drawings under the direction of the Tower Crew Leader. This encompasses, but is not limited to, participate and perform all aspects of new tower construction, upgrades, and maintenance on existing structures. Ability to assist in the construction and maintenance of all types of towers (guy, self-supporting, monopole, flagpoles, and roof top and water tank applications ranging in height). Assist crew in the safe and proper installation of all types of equipment with associated mounts, coax/line, connectors and hardware. Knowledge on how to correctly install grounding systems, lights, and troubleshooting skills. Demonstrating strong mechanical aptitude and the ability to work under diverse seasonal conditions is mandatory.

Job Description




  • Review the scope of work and construction drawings with the Crew Leader.

  • Assist in verifying that all materials for the project are taken to the job site.

  • Verify that all of the tools, equipment and stocked supplies on your trailer are available and in working order.

  • Check the oil & fluids of each truck & inspect each your job trailer(s) and each piece of equipment in your charge before use.

  • Inspect all safety equipment (PFAS) prior to climbing and comply with both company and industry safety standards at all times.

  • Attend a daily tailgate meeting to address daily tasks and safety issues.

  • Report any safety concerns to the Crew Leader and/or Safety Coordinator.

  • Take direction from the Crew Leader to build the job following the scope of work/construction drawings.

  • Report any deviations from the scope of work/construction drawings to the Crew Leader.

  • Pick up trash on site daily.

  • Take pictures of final work and provide all turnover documentation to Project Managers.

  • Clean out truck(s) & trailer(s) after each job and put materials and equipment away.



  • One year tower experience is preferred but willing to consider applicants with climbing, rigging, construction or other telecommunication experience.

  • Must exhibit good physical stamina with the ability to lift 80 pounds and climb structures as high as 300ft+. Must be able to pass pre-employment physical.

  • Travel locally, statewide and out of state. Overnight travel is often required based on tower location and scope of work.

  • Must be able to speak, read, and write in English.

  • Ability to follow instructions/protocols/processes.

  • Familiarity with proper truck/trailer/equipment maintenance.

  • Strong organizational skills and construction related aptitude including ability to interpret construction drawings.


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