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Who We Are

When it comes down to it, the world is becoming evermore reliant on wireless technology to facilitate communication and correspondence throughout nearly every industry and market. And for that very reason, LTS Group stands proud to call ourselves one of America’s premiere telecommunications service providers because we’re helping to ensure that those wireless signals that we depend on remain strong and resilient for years to come. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, we’ve spent the last number of years working to improve wireless technologies both locally and regionally, as we’ve partnered with a number of today’s leading cellular and wireless providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless to ensure that the wireless signal that their users depend on is always clear and unobstructed.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple; we’re looking to offer exceptional service, steadfast dedication, and effective solutions that help to offer the people who depend on advanced telecommunications technologies with a more reliable solution. We understand the stakes for government entities, business leaders, and private citizens who depend on these services, and we remain committed to ensuring that our services not only meet these demands, but also exceed them.

Our Team

At LTS Group, we worked to build our team around the knowledge, expertise, and technical abilities of our team members. We’re proud of the team that we’ve developed and remain fully confident in our abilities to not only meet the expectations of our clients, but also exceed them on a daily basis through our comprehensive telecommunications services.

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